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Absent Authority

Dictator takes over city, national government does nothing.

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So I was watching * Motorcity and for those of you who are unaware the shows revoles around the rebllious actions of a group of people fighting against a dictator who has take over Detroit. He rules the city with an iron fist and while appears nice, is actually stomping on civil rights. OK the guy has a lot of robots, loyal followers and only real problem is aforementioned rebels who live in the tuined slums of Old Detroit.

My question is this. What the heck is the US Government doing at this point? We have no explanation at all. You would think that they would have something to say about a dictator taking over one of their own cities, but yet they never show up. It's never explained in the show what is happening in the rest of the country. No nuclear holocaust meaning Detroit is the only city left, nothing about a zombie virus, nothing. I'm fairly certain other shows have done this, but couldn't find an entry, unless I'm wrong.
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