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Humans Are Leaders
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Another specific permutation of Humans Are Special.

In general, wherever humans coexist with other races, the humans tend to be the dominant or driving force in whatever effort they're involved in. They're the ones who tend to be the guys behind creating The Alliance and holding it together, the ones coming up with most of the plans on how to thwart The Empire, or (in somewhat darker settings) the ones able to manipulate other races into doing their bidding for them.

While this trope can be found in all forms of media, it's particularly prevalent in video games, where it usually translates into some kind of bonus to diplomacy.

Compare and contrast Humans Are Warriors; both may be in play at the same time, but usually it's either one or the other. Mighty Whitey is an earthbound sister trope.

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  • In Star Wars, the Rebellion against The Empire was mostly started by humans. Alien Rebels only appeared in the later episodes, though the Expanded Universe gives alien races more importance in the start of the Rebellion.
    • Also, in the prequels, the two Supreme Chancellors we see are humans.
  • In E.E. "Doc" Smith's Lensman stories the humans of Earth Tellus led and provided most of the membership of the Galactic Patrol, even though other races were involved.

Live-Action TV
  • In Star Trek, humans are largely implied to be the driving force of The Federation, particularly considering that its headquarters is on Earth and most Starfleet officers (that we've seen) are human.
  • Babylon 5 has this but less blatantly. Humanity's hat is that they build communities wherever they go; any other species would have built the Babylon 5 for their own use only.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons: In early editions, only humans were allowed to be Paladins, the natural party leader class.

Video Games
  • Humans in the Master of Orion series, the humans tend to be average in terms of most stats (though having a slight edge in research overall except against the Psilons), but they have a massive diplomacy bonus that allows them to easily make friends with all other races (who tend to have at least one major rival each) as well as the ability to get benefits from trade treaties much more quickly.
  • Likewise in the Galactic Civilizations games, the Terran Alliance has an edge in diplomacy over most other races.
  • Things can end up this way in the original Mass Effect if you kill off the council.
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