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Gothic Urban Fantasy, Tolkien High Fantasy
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In 1937 J. R. R. Tolkien came out with the Hobit and afterwards began work on its sequel The Lord of the Rings. Eventually the works caught on in popularity and people, desperate for more, began writing similar stories. This was named High Fantasy and everyone decided it was good. But things couldn't last and people soon became bored of the same old things being repeated over and over again. Before these people could leave they were quickly battered with can you really tolerate your previous reading choices speeches.

Something had to be done and it was in this type of environment that someone said "Hey lets take the Standard Fantasy Setting and move it to the modern era". Thus Urban Fantasy was born. Depsite the fact that most people describe urban fantasy as fantasy in a contemporary setting, many elements introduced by Tolkien and adopted by his imitators are dropped in urban fantasy. Instead people like to portray urban fantasy as gothic. In addition nobody thinks to apply a gothic theme to a High Fantasy.

Reasons for this vary but the main reason stems from the thinking that Alternate History,AlternateUniverses, MagicalLands, and PocketDimensions aren't urban enough to be considered urban fantasy. In High Fantasy fantastical elements are presented as common knowledge and it can be very difficult to come up with a believable reason for why the magical community would choose to adopt a Masquerade.

Some authors do avert and subvert this but the split is still present in most people's minds.


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