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Magic Fire
Fire which has magical properties.
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This is one of the many fire-related tropes that were identified as part of the Kill It with Fire TRS thread. Name suggestions and description/definition refinement suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

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Generally, fire conjured through magic will have properties that normal fire doesn't. A common variation is the ability to burn without fuel -- almost all magic fire can do that. Otherwise how could you do stupidy dangerous things like fling around mid-air fireballs?

Other possible properties of magical fire include, but are not limited to:

Those who have the power to Play With Fire often use Magic Fire. Compare Cold Flames, which appear to be fire but are just mind tricks that don't burn.



  • In the movie She, the moon shining into a special underground chamber in the lost city creates a magical blue fire that turns mortal humans into immortals and causes people who're already immortal to instantly age to death.

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  • In Basic Dungeons & Dragons, Halfling clan strongholds each have a Crucible of Blackflame. Blackflame was a strange reverse fire that "burned" ashes and returned them to their original form.
  • In GURPS: Magic you can create "Essential Flame" which will actually burn water elementals. A pyromaniac mage actually has a lot of fun options, besides the ever popular "Explosive Fireball" there is "Burning Death" which incinerates target from the inside out even if they're magically protected from fire.

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