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A Peek Of Anger

The Tranquil Fury gives a brief peek at what's bubbling just below.

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Goku: Gohan, take Piccolo, find Bulma, get back to the ship.
Gohan: But what about you?
Goku: If Piccolo dies then all of this was pointless! Take him, get to the ship, and get out of here!
Gohan: This is surprisingly well thought-out for you.
Goku: ...Gohan? Where should you be right now?
Gohan: The ship?
Goku: THE SHIP!!!
Gohan: Okay..!!

Comes in many forms. Of course, there's Unstoppable Rage, in which a character flies into a fit of anger that leaves death and destruction wherever they go. A more subdued version is Tranquil Fury, in which a character appears calm, but [[Suppressing Anger behind the veil, they are seething.

This trope is rather in the middle. A character is invoking Tranquil Fury, and appears calm, composed and rational. Heck, none of the characters (or the audience) may even know that anything is wrong. Overall, this person seems to be in complete control of their faculties.

And then--BOOM!

In a brief instant, it all comes bursting forth. Either some poor Mook catches a One-Hit KO, a bystander (or unknowing animal) calls attention to themself and catches hell for it, or an ally or loved one who means well pushes a Berserk Button. However it happens, though, our pissed-off character lets loose with their anger through violence, shouting, a display of force, or a Death Glare and quickly goes back to "normal".

Most often seen after someone crosses the Moral Event Horizon or during a Villainous Breakdown. It can count as a Let's Get Dangerous!, or Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass moment. Typically invokes a Shutting Up Now from friends and allies. Afterwards, we may see a Curbstomp Battle or even a Single-Stroke Battle. Can be also used to show off a shiny new Shounen Upgrade or invoke a "World of Cardboard" Speech.


[[Folder:Anime and Manga]]
  • In Dragon Ball Z, this happens quite often. Most notably when Goku is telling Gohan to escape Planet Namek, but Gohan continues to question his orders. It's played slightly different in the original Japanese and English dub. In the latter, Goku simply yells at Gohan and tells him to get moving. In the former, Goku threatens to unleash his fury on Gohan himself.
  • In Bleach, most notable during Ichigo's final battle with Aizen. Arriving to the battle amidst the wreckage of a portion of his hometown, Ichigo finds Aizen stalking his friends to murder them. After making sure everyone's okay, Ichigo asks Aizen if they can fight somewhere else. Aizen is just about to go into one of his Smug Snake tirades, but instead finds Ichigo's hand in his face, lifting him up by the head and dragging him into the air. After Ichigo slams Aizen down miles away, Ichigo is standing calm and composed and Aizen is trying to figure out what the hell happened.

  • In Captain America: The First Avenger, while Steven is captured by the Red Skull, and the villain asks Cap what their mutual creator saw in him to see him as being worthy of becoming an "‹bermensch". Cap answers, "Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn", and a pissed-off Red Skull lays into him with his fists before quickly regaining his composure.

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