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Grave Realization
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Have we got this one already?

This trope is about characters who visit the grave/tombstone of another, i.e. a friend/loved one, find themselves in contemplation, sometimes reaching some sort of conclusion, i.e. It's All My Fault.

Sub-Trope of Grave Marking Scene.

Needs a Better Description.

As a Death Trope, there shall be spoilers.

Rolling Examples

  • In Click, Michael finds himself in the future and realizes his father had passed away. As he looks over his grave, Morty painfully informs him he wasn't there when his father died, and the last time he was with him, he was an utter Jerk Ass due to the remote's "auto-pilot" effect.
  • In Jumanji, upon returning to the real world, Alan Parrish learns his parents had passed away since he was sucked into the game, and is led to their graves. It's also here that Judy and Peter point out how their own parents have passed away.
  • In the alternate 1985 in Back to the Future Part II, Marty suffers a Heroic BSOD as he sees his father George's grave, as Doc arrives and they realize that the timeline was altered by Biff.
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