The Resistance Can't Be Bothered
A resistance group with few people, that you have to build up!

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You find out about the big bad evil dude that needs slaying, or about the mass conspiracy that needs solving, or about the Empire that needs defeating. A resistance network has formed...with only a couple layabout people in it. It's now your job, a plucky hero usually with no previous combat experience, to recruit new members and help the resistance! The Resistance don't actually seem to do much. It's your job to do everything for them. They just can't seem to be bothered to do anything themselves.

This trope usually happens in video games. If The Resistance had everything handled already, what would there be for you to do?

Examples: Grim Fandango - Near the beginning of the game we find out about an elaborate mechanical device into an underground lair. Once inside, a resistance member, decked out in full military regalia, informs you that the only members of the resistance so far are...him and his secretary. They need you to do go and find them pigeon eggs of all things. Suikoden - The 108 stars of destiny. This is kind of the entire point of each and every game. Beyond Good and Evil
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