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Superhuman Transfusion
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(Formerly Bloody Powerful)

A subtrope of Super Empowering. John has one or more Stock Superpowers of the genetic and/or magical variety. He may have gained them from birth thanks to Superpowerful Genetics, genetic experimentation, or most likely Super Serum. Alternately, he has mystic powers in a setting where The Power of Blood and Blood Magic are very real, so his blood contains a measure of his magic. In short, his powers course through his blood in a very real sense.

Suddenly, his friend Jack gets shot by one of his enemies, and has only minutes to live before even his copious blood supply runs out! Just by luck, Jack and John are the same blood type, and a quick emergency transfusion ensues... which quickly results in an Emergency Transformation. Thanks to the blood-borne nature of John's powers, Jack now has those same abilities! They might be temporary and last only as long as John's blood is in his system, or they may trigger a similar reaction in Jack's body and give him permanent (and potentially different) powers.

It bears mentioning that in Real Life, blood transfusions in no way transfer the donor's genes into the recipient's DNA. The red and white blood cells last only a few months before dying without leaving a trace. Since Phlebotinum is involved, this is often ignored or justified by The Professor as John's blood "triggering" latent superpowers in Jack or causing the equivalent of a superpower-allergy.

If John's powers are biological/genetic/chemical in nature, Jack getting these powers is often justified by The Professor explaining that the donation triggered dormant genes in Jack, or actually did somehow overwrite parts of his genome. If John's powers are magical in nature, then the reason Jack gets similar powers may have to do with Blood Magic. In these cases "John" might not even be the same species as Jack, such as a dragon or even vampire (of the mystical, non viral based types).

Anime and Manga
  • In the manga Wolf Guy, Akira gives blood to Chiba after Hadou nearly kills him, and Chiba is healed by it and becomes a werewolf--and crazy, with the ability to change at will into some mutated-looking wolf-beast, unlike Akira's transformation. So, not a completely identical transference of abilities, but Akira didn't realize his powers would transfer at all.

Comic Books
  • This is She-Hulk's origin. She needed a blood transfusion and Bruce was on hand, afterwards she was permanently changed into a hulk, albeit she retained her personality and intellect.
  • This is how Patriot of the Young Avengers got his powers. His grandfather, a Super Soldier of the same type as Captain America, gave him a blood transfusion.

Live-Action TV
  • The 4400 had an inversion. Isabel, the first child born to two returnees, produces pure Promycin. When all the other returnees are suffering from an anti-promycin drug, her blood cures Shawn who went on to use his own healing powers on everyone else.
  • A scifi version appears in Dark Angel. When Max gives an emergency transfusion to Logan, her stem-cell-laden blood in and starts to repair his spine.
  • In Heroes Claire's blood can be used to heal other people through transfusion.
  • In the tv movie Deep Red. It has a girl whose blood rejuvenates the recipient and grants Voluntary Shape Shifting. In a twist, the power only lasts for a limited time, and regular transfusions are needed for people to sustain them. It's because of this that the bad guy, who has some of her blood in his system, is after her.

Video Games
  • In Freedom Force, this is how Liberty Lad got his powers, Minuteman gave him a blood transfusion after his Reckless Sidekick behavior got him shot.
  • In Mega Man ZX, a "Mega Man" is a Maverick Raid survivor who harness the blood of the Big Bad Master Albert via donation. His blood (or rather, the contained DNA) is the key of unlocking the Biometal's power and allowing them to Megamerge with it.

Western Animation
  • There is an episode of Krypto the Superdog where the cat gets his powers this way.

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