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Grit Of Ass Kicking

They look like crap, and look badass for it.

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redirects: Gritty Badass, Gritty Hero.

A guy or gal who isn't afraid to get down and dirty. Over the course of their adventures and battles, they found themselves being covered in dirt, sweat, and blood, and they look all the more Badass for it.

Contrast Beauty Is Never Tarnished and Dirt Force Field.


  • John McClane from the Die Hard films is notorious for becoming steadily filthier as his ordeals go on, not to mention his accumulation of injuries!
    • Hell, this trope may have been called The Law Of Bruce if it wasn't already taken.
  • The newest Predators movie invokes this, with a progressively dirtier Adrien Brody. In the climax, he's shirtless, and covered in dirt, mud, smoke, and ash.

Video Games
  • This is practically a selling point of the new Tomb Raider reboot. It's even the trope image. In every promotional image for the game, she looks very badass and extremely dirty.
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