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Eighteen wheels of... something

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Do We Have This One?? A Sister Big Brother Bully Trope to Cool Car, this is the kind where even four wheels isn't enough, you need the deisel fumes and huge smoking pipes and... well, you have the big rig truck that tends to be a mainstay in action movies and the like.


Anime Film Live-Action TV
  • Done with the latter-year Disney-owned seasons of Power Rangers. The truck in Dino Thunder was nearly identical to the one in the previous season, Ninja Storm, but the next season, SPD, went with an original design.
  • An late '80s action series called The Highwayman involved frontier lawmen traveling the roads in big black rigs. The lead character's cab even turned into a helicopter.
  • The original Knight Rider had one for a mobile base-cum-garage.
Western Animation
  • Rhino, Outlaw, Goliath and Bulldog from M.A.S.K..
  • Optimus Prime. Tractor trailers would become a mainstay after that, and Optimus would appear as other kinds of vehicles, but there's a very good reason he's most associated with a truck.
Real Life
  • "Road trains" in Australia, essentially one truck pulling up to 8 trailers at once.
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