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You're a Natural
A specific character is innately good at something, as commented by another character.
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In many works, it's a given that, when a character picks up a sword or gets in a car, he can fence or drive, respectively. In others, though, these Improbable Aiming Skills and Implausible Fencing Powers apply only to one or a handful of character(s), and it is remarked, by others, how good they are, especially for their first go. It's something of an informed difficulty, in the context of video games - the player must be able to accomplish the basic mechanics of the game, but if the character is The Chosen One, then an NPC must remark how other characters wouldn't be able to do it. The same is often true for other works. Can be a form of Shilling The Wesley. The point of the trope is not that the character is an Instant Expert - it's more about the other characters' reactions, in order to inform the audience that whatever skill is being displayed is remarkable.

  • When Harry Potter gets on his broomstick, he is so good that, despite breaking the rules, he is drafted into the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. It's remarked a million times that no First-Year ever makes the team, and Oliver Wood almost certainly tells him he's a natural.
    • Hermione seems to invoke this on herself in the first-year, regarding her own capacity for magic.
    • Lupin also pulls this trope on how amazing Harry is for producing any kind of patronus at all.
  • In the Pokemon games, when the player gets back from his first task and returns to that game's Professor, said Professor usually comments how extraordinarily quickly the player's Mon has got attached to the player - and obviously they should then go on an adventure.
  • In Final Fantasy X, when the Aurochs see Tidus perform the blitzball Sphere Shot on the beach, they accost him, because this is something awesome - and something that, being so awesome, demonstrates how good Tidus is, as well as how rubbish the Aurochs are in comparison. So far, the player has only seen awesome Rule of Cool Blitzball in the opening sequence, so we need Wakka to qualify just how good Tidus is.
  • In Torchwood, Jack seems to look out for people who naturally are the best for his team, through their courage and gumption - attributes that mark them apart from usual citizens in his eyes. Gwen was one, then he and Gwen together scouted out a new medic at the beginning of the Children of Earth miniseries.
    • The latter is subverted in that the medic is actually an agent, deliberately trying to demonstrate the skills that would get him inside Torchwood
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