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Vicious Vampire Child
Awww! A cute little vampire! Just dont make it mad...
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Possibly Needs a Better Title, almost certainly Needs a Better Description, Rolling Updates underway. But most of all Should We Have This??

See here for the original YKTTW discussion. Trope idea origionally from this (non-TV Tropes) forum discussion, including this. Please forgive me if I've screwed up the examples. If I did, please explain what I need to do to fix it, thanks.

I'm thinking let's limit this to kid vampires (appear to be preteen at the oldest) only. I may or may not want to open a new one about teenage - looking Lady of War vampires.
In both Real Life and fiction, it's normally expected that children of dangerous creatures will be less dangerous than their parents, particularly if said parent is a Mama Bear. However, when it comes to vampires, this isn't necessarily the case.

This character type trope, as currently defined (which is what I'm looking for consensus on), consists of three elements that the character must be:
  1. A vampire. Monstrous species that are called something else but are treated like vampires (must drink blood, killed by a wooden stake, etc.) probably should also count.
  2. A child (young adults do not count). It's important that they're cute and harmless - looking. The character's calendar age does not matter, only their appearance. They may be a Creepy Child, or even start to fall into the Uncanny Valley, but they're still far more cute than frightening.
  3. A Bad Ass. Specifically, not merely Bad Ass, but more badass than "ordinary" vampires. This might be due to being from an exceptional bloodline, centuries of combat experience, being an Escapist Character, or Conservation of Ninjutsu. Most often, this character will be a type B Tsundere: they'll tolerate and pretend to be intimidated by enemies up to a point, but an opponent who crosses the line rarely escapes unscathed.

There are generally two types of origin stories for child vampires:

Arguably a subtrope of:

Often overlaps with:

I think we've decided to:
  • have this be a gender - neutral trope.
  • limit it to actual children, and exclude adult examples.

Do we want to:
  • limit it to vampires?
  • include or exclude teenage examples?

True child vampires

Anime and Manga:


  • In Anita Blake, Valentina looks like a toddler but is actually a very old vampire who is Belle Morte's personal torturer.
  • In Interview with the Vampire, Claudia.
  • In Let the Right One In, Eli.
  • In Warhammer tie-in fiction by Kim Newman, Melissa d'Acques. In the short story "No Gold in the Grey Mountains", a group of travellers including an innocent 12-year-old girl is being stalked by an ancient bloodthirsty horror; the twist at the end, as you'll have guessed from the context of this example, is that the ancient bloodthirsty horror and the apparently-innocent apparently-12-year-old are one and the same.
  • The Doctor Who Missing Adventures novel, Goth Opera, has a vampire baby, which was turned when it was too young to walk, so it flies everywhere instead.
  • In the Twilight novel, Breaking Dawn, it's revealed that there was a great disaster several centuries back when turning toddlers into vampires was all the rage. It did not end well.

Live-Action TV:
  • Forever Knight: in season 3 LaCroix's stepdaughter Divia shows up. She was his sire, having turned him in 79AD in Pompeii. He thought she was destroyed in the eruption. Physically she's about 8.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer also has a true child vampire: Collin, the Annointed One, who's set up as the Big Bad of season 2 until Spike casually kills him in the second episode.

Video Games
  • From BlazBlue, Rachel Alucard, who is really, really older than she appears (about 72,500 years old at the very least).
  • In Touhou, sisters Remilia and Flandre Scarlet; Kurumi would also qualify, but she has a bad habit of getting defeated.
  • In Kid Dracula, the title character, of course.

Web Comics

Teenage - looking vampires:

Anime and Manga
  • In Blood Alone, Misaki is actually not too much older than she appears to be (looks about 13) and right now most of her vampire personality is repressed but watch out when it takes over. A male version is Higure, who is a full-fledged vampire and will eat your face if he doesn't like you. Mostly he's pretty nice, though.
  • From Blood: The Last Vampire, Saya and Maya/Diva.
  • From Chibi Vampire, Elda Marker. She looks 16 despite being a grandmother, and despite the fact her bite doesn't kill (instead, it causes people to fall out of love, but usually only temporarily), is feared by vampire hunters and other vampires alike. In fact, all the vampire characters in the series were very cute children, and more than capable of holding their own in a fight.
  • In Rosario + Vampire, without the crucifix to keep her darker side in check, shy and tender Moka is the most lethal student at Youkai Academy.
    • Her younger sister and resident Yandere, Kokoa, also qualifies.
  • In Vampire Princess Miyu, the title character lives up to her name.

Live-Action TV
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Darla is the first character we see in the TV series. An innocent schoolgirl pressured by her boyfriend into sneaking away and making out. Really a vampire, Dragon to the Big Bad.

  • From Anita Blake, Nikolaos looks like a 14 years old girl. But she's an evil sadistic Really Sevenhundred Years Old Vampiress who is the master of the entire city of St. Louis and runs it with a sadistic iron fist, trying to kill the heroine on multiple occasions in the first book and later Anita kills her.

Video Games
  • In Tsukihime, Arcueid is easily the nicest and most normal vampire; she's also easily the strongest.

Web Comics

Web Origional

Western Animation
  • From Adventure Time, Marceline, who despite being the "born vampire" type, is over 1000 years old. She apparently can turn into all sorts of monsters, and can become invisible at will.
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