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Max HP Special
Special attack that is only usable when uninjured and unfatigued
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The polar opposite of Desperation Attack (which is only usable when near defeat), the Max HP Special is a move that can only be used by someone who is perfectly healthy. Unlike cases of Cast from Hit Points, a Max HP Special does not necessarily drain the user's stamina when used; it merely requires them to be at full.

In video games, this mechanic provides a means of rewarding the player for playing cautious and avoiding taking hits in the first place, instead of relying on their health meter to keep them alive while they plow recklessly through scores of squishier enemies.

Comes in two flavors...

  • Ability is completely unusable at anything less than full health. This type often compounds the annoyance posed by Goddamn Bats, as even the slightest Scratch Damage will disable the ability.

  • Ability can be used at less than full health, but will be far less effective than if it were used a full health. Often works on a sliding scale, with the effectiveness of the attack directly proportional to the amount of health remaining. This can cause Unstable Equilibrium if both sides have access to such an ability.

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