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Mic Drop
Added emphasis to a speech by dropping a microphone
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"All she needs is a mic drop. I swear, that's the only thing that's only thing missing. She fucking owns everything that ever existed. She just needs a mic drop."
--The Nostalgia Critic, on the T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

A character having just delivered an awesome speech or performance will emphasize just how awesome it was by purposefully toppling a microphone stand or dropping the microphone from shoulder level height just before leaving the stage. Expect a wide range of audience reaction, from Show Stopper rapturous applause to Chirping Crickets silence. This action is often, but not always accompanied, by using the stock phrase, "<Name> out."



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  • In his review of Jurassic Park, The Nostalgia Critic, while gushing over the T-Rex's awesomeness, says it should have done a mic drop at the end. He does one at the end of the review for the hell of it.

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  • King of the Hill: In the episode "Manger Baby Einstein" Luann grabs the microphone at the local kid's pizza joint and scolds her former puppet show fans. She ends her rant by dropping the mic.
  • Done twice in Archer in the episode "The Wind Cries Mary". First when Archer is boasting about Lucas Troy and drops the control room mic, and again by Pam when she finds out no one (except Cyril) has filled out the Peer Review forms, despite the low employee numbers (even though there were 50 agents and a full office plus a receptionist in the pilot).

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