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Needs better title? Can somebody go through Attack Reflector and catch any examples I missed?

This person has the perfect defense: any way someone tries to injure him injures the attacker in the same way. If you throw a punch at them, you get a broken jaw. Shoot them? You blow out your own brains. Often a problem when fighting the Enemy Without.

Compare Synchronization, which is limited to two specific people; Attack Reflector, which is an active defense, while this is inherent to the defender.


Anime & Manga
  • To Aru Majutsu no Index: Accelerator's ability, Redirection, functions like this by default. Anything that tries to hit him will automatically have its vector value reversed and go back where it came from. HARD. Unfortunately, it does in fact simply reverse the vectors, and not redirect away from him, so pulled punches get reflected inwards to hit him.
Somebody that knows the work, is this an example?
  • Class Minus 13 member Kagamaru Chougasaki from Medaka Box takes this Up to Eleven. His "Encounter" Minus redirects all damage directed against him -- physical and emotional. His personality is especially warped because of this. He redirected so many of his feelings and memories -- anything that could be the least bit unpleasant -- to other people that he essentially became "nothing". People grow up by dealing with hardship, not by avoiding it.


Live Action Television
  • The Red Dwarf episode "Justice" features an area called the Justice Zone, in which reality is warped so that if you attempt to commit a crime, you'll suffer the effects yourself. At the climax of the episode, two people engaged in a fight to the death stray into the Justice Zone, and this trope comes into effect. One of them wins the fight by figuring out what's happened and ceasing to either attack or defend himself, letting his opponent defeat himself.

  • In comedic versions of The Corsican Brothers (such as Cheech And Chong's version) hitting one will injure the other; when they fight amongst themselves they hit themselves so the other gets hurt.
  • In Igor, the main character and his sidekicks are being shot at with a shrinking ray by Dr. Schadenfreude. Scamper comments, "If only you'd made yourself indestructible," which reminds Igor that Eva's indestructible skin makes any projectile ricochet off, and so he gets her to pop up when the next beam is shot, sending it right back at Schadenfreude, shrinking him instead.

  • In The Empire of the East, Som the Dead, the liche viceroy of the Black Mountains, has a permanent enchantment of this type. Any attempts to harm him rebound back on the attacker. He is eventually killed when a large share of liquid life force is thrown his way.

Live-Action TV
  • In Star Trek: The Original Series, Kirk threatens to do this with a device embedded in the Enterprise that would reflect any attack back at an aggressor. He couldn't do it then, but in the video game Star Trek Armada, set almost a century later, the player can perform a "Corbomite Maneuver".

Tabletop RPG
  • Dungeons & Dragons. The Fire Shield spell provided this protection. Any melee attack on the spell recipient caused normal damage but inflicted double damage on the attacker.
  • Cain is believed to still have this in Vampire: The Masquerade (see Other for details).


Web Originals

  • Cain from the Bible has this plus damage multiplier due to a bad case of Cursed By God. Any harm that is inflicted upon him will be reflected upon the attacker sevenfold.

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