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One good way to show that something is a toy or toy-themed is with a wind up key. Especially compliments Toy Time, or alternatively, Clock Punk.

It can also serve as a Weaksauce Weakness if something needs to be wound up to keep functioning.


  • There's a commercial for Pristiq (anti-depression medicine) which uses wind up toys as a metaphor for how one feels when one is in the grips of depression, and when one is not.

Anime and Manga
  • In Rozen Maiden, the living dolls come to life when someone winds them up using a key.
  • Chachamaru in Mahou Sensei Negima! needs to be wound up every so often. It feels very good to her, so it often causes her embarrassment in the hands of an overenthusiastic winder.
  • Ifurita in El-Hazard: The Magnificent World - with all the expected sub-text (the keyhole is at the base of her spine). When fuly winded, she uses the key as a magic wand with Kill Sat level of firepower.

  • Tik-tok in the Oz books. Interestingly, they have 3 keys that operate walking, talking, and thinking for him.
  • Played for creepy in Varjak Paw, when the cat protagonist finds a bunch of very, very creepy cats... that turn out to be wind-up toys.

Video Games
  • Super Mario Bros.: the Mecha Koopa enemies in pretty much all appearances have wind up keys on their back.
  • The first Mario Party had a "how many times can you wind up the toy in X seconds" minigame.
  • In Donkey Kong 64, robot Kremlings called Krobots have these, and the theme tune itself even has a music box type wind up effect at the start, as seen here.
  • Luigi's Mansion: the toy soldier bosses
  • MapleStory: various monsters in Ludibrium have them
  • Lots and lots of these in the Syberia duology, seeing how it's literally crawling with all kinds of clockwork contraptions. Most notably, the train you are traveling on needs to be wound up on each station.
  • The Clockwork from City of Heroes, which are created from scrap metal, but almost always have one of these on their backs. The winders are also a common low-level salvage drop.

Western Animation
  • Feed the Kitty: Marc Anthony takes a key off of a toy car and pretends to wind up Pussyfoot with it to fool his owner that the cat is a toy. He succeeds, and Pussyfoot then gets himself into the before-mentioned toy car, minus key. Marc Anthony finds it cute, until Pussyfoot manages to get the toy car working and starts driving erratically, possibly because of the before-mentioned removal of the key.
  • Kilgore from My Life as a Teenage Robot is a pitiful toy robot powered by a watch spring and a wind-up key who dreams of destroying manking.

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