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Odd Instrument Solo
When an unexpected instument gets its own solo
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Some musicians keep a sense of humor about their work. Sure, they might have a Guitar Solo from time to time and they've been known to engage in an Epic Riff from now and again, but they also like to shake things up. You're thinking it's about time for a guitar solo, they're thinking more along the lines of glass armonica. You're thinking synthesizer, they're thinking Xenophone.

Most often played for comedy, although some bands use it for sheer strangeness.

Subtrope of Instrumental Solo. Compare to Xenophone and Everything Is an Instrument.

When adding examples, please include a short description of the type of music for context. A harpsichord solo in a performance of Baroque chamber music is not notable, but a harpsichord solo in a hardcore punk song is an Odd Instrument Solo.


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