You actually made me bleed
After much fighting a badass character meets a foe who actually draws blood.

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A badass hero has been mowing down the mooks and finally confronts the dragon or the big bad. As an indicator that this new foe is actually a serious challenge to the hero, he/she/it lands a blow that actually draws blood. Often it's a bloody nose or a split lip. The audience is meant to understand that now the hero is up against a real challenge, and usually the hero will telegraph this sentiment through their reaction - often by pausing to wipe the blood from their face and look at it on their fingers with faint amazement, before getting all the more determined to kick ass. Can apply in reverse, when the villain has been plowing through redshirts and before the hero finally draws some blood. A subtrope of first blood.

Examples: In Kick Ass, this happens to Hit Girl in her climactic fight with Frank D'Amico.

In Buffy Season 6 episode 22, "Grave", this happens to Willow in her fight with Giles.

In Daredevil: Born Again, this happens to the Kingpin in his fight with Daredevil, but he just laughs and proceeds to curb-stomp Daredevil.

Averted, in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman manages to give Superman a nosebleed, but Superman doesn't react. Batman comments on it, though.
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