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Signpost Tutorial
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Where a video game offers in-game instructions on how to play through some feature of the game world. The instructions may be advertised on some part of the background, or the player can stop to read them in a manner similar to Story Breadcrumbs.

This serves to make tutorial levels self-guided and less obtrusive than having NPCs interrupt the gameplay and try to explain the controls while maintaining character.


Miscellaneous Games
  • The Glider PRO "Demo House" does this with instructions printed over the background graphic.

Platform Games
  • Braid uses free-standing signs that depict a button and the action that your character will perform.
  • The Jumper games give instructions to the player in form of unobstructing text. Jumper Two, however, puts them away in blocks that Ogmo has to bump from below to read.
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn has the tutorial level laden with signposts that demonstrate what certain buttons do in specific scenarios like when he transforms into a tank or a saucer.
  • Kirbys Return To Dreamland has large signposts in the background of the first few levels that demonstrate controls and actions with pictures. If the player follows directions, the sign shows a checkmark and the game plays a chime.
  • The Lost Vikings uses squares with question marks that show an instructional text box when pressed. They are scattered throughout the first few levels before introducing every new ability. The very first such block activates automatically to explain how to read the other blocks.
  • Purple's stage 1-1 features billboards that visually show how to move around.
  • Putty has the Gym, a simple beginning level with signs showing where the Stretch, Bounce, Jab, Absorb and Inflate moves can best be used.
  • Super Mario World occasionally has message blocks that Mario can bump into that give playing hints, captioned "-Point of Advice-" (or "Tourist Tips" in the Advance remake).
  • In Yoshis Island, literal signposts appear whenever a new gameplay mechanic is introduced that you can read for hints on what to do and how to do it. Some even have illustrations.
  • You Have to Burn the Rope has the game's only instructions written on the wall in the background.

Puzzle Games
  • In World of Goo, the signposts scattered around the stages will tell you how the new type of goo works if you encounter one, as well as give hints on how to clear the stage. It's also where most of the story is contained.

Role-Playing Games
  • The tutorial in Dark Souls is given through messages on the ground.
  • Present in any Pokémon main series game: Signposts may contain in-universe information (location names, etc.), or they may contain "Trainer Tips!" which provide tutorial-like information to the player.
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