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Evil Empire Of Good People
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So, we have The Empire. Its evil enough. But it turns out that it's people is not. And we're not merely talking about the poor oppressed conquered areas here. Nope, the core of the empire is populated by nice friendly people. Some of them are oblivious to the evils of their nation. Others know but remain loyal anyway, often as a Minion with an F in Evil or reluctant sycophant. In a way, this is Punch Clock Villain applied to entire populations rather than individuals and small groups.

Of course, the leaders of the country is still either outright evil or severely misguided in one way or another.

Compare Rousseau Was Right. Contrast Always Chaotic Evil.


  • Tom Clancy, no fan of Communism, still manages to portray most Russians in the Soviet Union as being basically descent, sympathetic characters. At best they were hard working, honorable patriots and at worse they are lazy drunks because because of the defects in their political-economic system. Even senior KGB and Communist Party officials that are depicted the least sympathetically tend to be depicted as merely self-interested or misguided rather than Complete Monster's.

Live-Action TV
  • In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The characters from the Cardassian empire are divided into military (including assassins in civilian disguise) and civilians. The former are creepy at best, while the later are good - often with heroic tendencies - and represent the real population of Cardassia.
    • As a player in galactic politics, the nation Cardassia is pretty much stuck in the Face Heel Revolving Door as it shifts back and forth between democracy and military dictatorship. It's a good nation during it's democratic times and an evil nation during it's dictatorship times.

Western Animation
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, the team have a really great time infiltrating the evil fire nation. Seems pretty much everyone there is a nice guy... except for those in a position of authority. (Interestingly enough, the other nations presented earlier in the series was done in the same way with fine citizens and a lot of jerkasses in various positions of authority.)

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