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Gentle Words, Vicious Subtext

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Palpatine: When my new apprentice, Darth Vader, arrives, he will... take care of you.
The Distressed Watcher: Wow, subtle. No one on Earth wouldn't pick up on that threat. Of course, these people aren't on Earth, they're smack-dab in the MORON galaxy. Does it just not matter how sinisterly you say something in this galaxy?
TDW's impression of Palpatine: I'll make sure that you all get what's coming to you!
TDW's impression of Nute Gunray: Oh, good!
TDW's impression of Palpatine: Yes, you'll get EXACTLY what you DESERVE soon!
TDW's impression of Nute Gunray: All right, neat!

Do We Have This One?... oh and I am open to title suggestions.

This is for statements that, if taken literally enough, might sound gentle, but the combination of context, subtext, and in some cases tone of voice imply a more vicious meaning in practice. Sometimes (though not necessarily) the character(s) it is being said to completely miss the point.

Not to be confused with the person saying it trying to sound gentle; by all means, sometimes making the vicious subtext come across is actually the point, but in some cases, that STILL would not stop the person it is being said to from missing it.
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