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Giving Up On Logic
The situation has become so strange, stupid, or surreal that someone gives up trying to make sense of things
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Goku: I think the only course of action left... is to reason with it! (Referring to a giant tree sucking all the energy out of Earth)
Yamcha: Uh, Goku...
Goku: Big tree! If you don't leave right now, I'm gonna have to beat you up!
Yamcha: Goku, trees can't ta-
Offscreen Voice: Why don't you come up here and try it?
Yamcha: ... you know what, f*ck it, I don't even care anymore.
--Dragon Ball Abridged, 2010 Christmas Special.

Lets face it, life is not kind to the Only Sane Man. They live in a World Gone Mad that constantly attempts to break them. Their advice and attempts to put some order and reason to things is cheerfully ignored at best, cruelly put down at worst. It's like the whole universe is out to make them the butt of jokes and a laughing stock!

Then there comes a final straw, and they give up on trying to make any logical sense of the world/situations they find themselves in, usually accompanied by a line like "I give up", or "Why do I even bother".

This is usually played for comedy, although when it's being done seriously it can lead to things such as a Freak Out, Sanity Slippage, and making the person undergoing this very bitter.


  • As quoted above, in the Dragon Ball Abridged version of the Dragon Ball Z movie Tree of Might, Goku is taking his Idiot Hero/Cloud Cuckoo Lander schtick Up to Eleven by attempting to talk to the giant tree. When Yamcha tries to interject some reason, an offscreen voice appears to answer for the tree. Yamcha gives up in disgust.
  • In the hybrid webcomic/browser game Demon Thesis a group of four college students are suddenly thrust into fighting Eldritch Abominations on behalf of a manipulative entity speaking in their minds. Since two of the characters are on their school's fencing team, they borrow fencing foils to help them out. If they give a foil to one of the non-fencers, it'll change into a broadsword, provoking this conversation mid-battle.
    Clady: Sam, where'd you get that sword?
    Sam: Uh... you gave it to me?
    Clady: I gave you a fencing foil, not a broadsword.
    Sam: ...
    Clady: Yeah, never mind. I'm going to stop asking questions like that.
  • In an {in}famous sketch, Robot Chicken showed a new G.I. Joe recruit being introduced to the team, only to be humiliated in front of everyone and given an Embarrassing Nickname. This drives him to join Cobra, only for Cobra Commander to give him an embarrassing nickname as well. At that point Calvin says he doesn't even care anymore, he just wants revenge on the Joes. Which he gets by headshotting every single member of the team, except Duke, who leaves alive, telling him to live with it.
  • Frank Grimes from The Simpsons memorably went the more dramatic route when he gave up on reason and started imitating the mind-numbingly stupid antics of his coworker, Homer Simpson. Because Frank wasn't Born Lucky like Homer, he dies within minutes.
  • The webcomic Final Fantasy VII: The Sevening has a case where Cloud stops trying to make sense of other people's behavior here
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