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The Grass Is Always Greener

When you think someone else has it good, and he makes you realize you're not bad off yourself.

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Alice is having a bad time of things, and Bob comes to visit. She admits to Bob she's envious of him and gives him a list of reasons why: some might be things he has better than her, others might be things she's got worse than him.

Bob hears her out and then tells her, "You're not exactly in a bowl of pits yourself." HE then proceeds to tell how good SHE in turn has it, and how his life isn't the peaches-and-cream Alice thought it was.

This at times is needed to give some perspective to a character needing it.

Can be a subtrope to The City vs. the Country where it's shown BOTH The City Mouse and The Country Mouse EACH have things the other wants or things the other's better off NOT having.


  • The Spider-Man / Human Torch Trade Paperback "I'm With Stupid" shows their relationship through the years, with the last story, "I'm With Stupid" having both point out the good things they have: Spidey gets to be near all the hot women and also be able to follow Reed without needing a translation into "normal," Johnny gets to have the trappings of fame and go to various universes Spidey would do anything to go to. Or the perks of power "with NONE of the responsibility."


The Musical Woman of the Year had the classic duet, "The Grass Is Always Greener." Each time a singer praises something about the others' life, the other says it's not as good as the first singer thought. When others sing, they lyrics change:
  • When one version had Kathie Lee Gifford sing with her partner:
    You know Regis Philbin! That's So Wonderful!
    What's So Wonderful? First you take two asprin!
  • One version with Raquel Welch (while Bill Clinton was President) used:
    Dinner with the President! That's So Wonderful!
    What's So Wonderful? Jogging to Mc Donald's!

Western Animation:

The Batman/Superman Adventures episode "Girls' Night Out" dealt with Livewire escaping to Gotham City and Supergirl helping Batgirl when Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn join Livewire. Kara likes the energy and excitement of Gotham, while Barbara thinks the fresh air of Smallville with none of the night work or Gotham's big-city congestion is fine for her.
  • This leads them to being Fire-Forged Friends, which carries over into Justice League, where "Comfort And Joy" have it where Barbara invited Kara to go skiing with her.
  • Speaking of Justice League, "Metamorphosis" has John Stewart see his former Marine buddy, Rex Mason, has it nice:
    John Stewart: I've never thought much about the choices I've made. Maybe if I'd taken the other road, I'd be where Mason is now. Rich, successful...
    Hawkgirl: (wryly) And engaged to a beautiful woman?
    • After John promises Sapphire Stagg he'll bring Rex home safe, we get this:
      Sapphire Stagg: No wonder he always looked up to you.
      John Stewart: (puzzled) Me? He's the one who had it made.
      Sapphire Stagg: No. He watches you on the news all the time. He still misses itóbeing in action, saving people's lives. I think he'd trade places with you in a minute.
      John Stewart: Guess it's true about what they say about "the grass always being greener."
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