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Evil Unto Evil

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Mechanic where it's okay to engage in otherwise unlawful or immoral activity because the victims deserve it. Not the same thing (although commonly overlaps) with Evil Versus Evil, this is stealing from pirates; killing rapists, etc. Anything less than raping Always Chaotic Evil is considered okay. Especially apparent when the author agrees.

Note, "stealing" from thieves to give the stolen items back to their rightful owners does not count. Stealing from thieves and giving to yourself does. Robbing the Rich and Giving to the Poor is woefully vague.

Examples: "Killing evil and taking its stuff" has been a motto of Dungeons & Dragons for years.

Common practice of children's cartoons to have the Ordinary High-School Student use his powers to torment bullies. They deserve it, right? (One Danny Phantom episode called him on this, but it went back to normal after)
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