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Hybrid characters tend to have all of the special powers of their parents, and fewer if any of the weaknesses.
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Having Mixed Ancestry isn't fun. It's rather lonely not fully belonging to the societies of either parent, even if there isn't active discrimination against what you are. However, if one or both sides of the family have some special power or supernatural trait, there may be a bonus to being a half-breed: a powerball in the Superpower Lottery.

Blame Powers as Programs or LEGO Genetics, but any power possessed, even latently, by a parent, will always be passed on to their offspring, and the presence of a different strain on the other side of the family will only serve to amplify it. This is especially true if the powers are complimentary in some way, but even if they are opposite: if someone with fire powers marries An Ice Person, their kid may well have both sets or even an amalgamated access to Pure Energy, a living Yin-Yang Bomb.

You might expect this to be less the case with Half-Human Hybrids or other combinations of the supernormal and the mundane, but this is not always so. Often as not, the mundane side will leave all of the powers intact, but mitigate any weaknesses, quite likely resulting in One Hero, Hold the Weaksauce. The Dhampyr is perhaps the ultimate example of this.

Other than reproduction, this kind of advantageous combination can result from a Fusion Dance. A Hybrid Monster might be bred specifically to take advantage of this trope. Contrast All Genes Are Codominant, in which special traits are exactly half-inherited by the offspring. See also Lamarck Was Right.

See The Other Wiki's pages on hybrid vigor and Heterozygous advantage for some information on the real-life equivalent.


Anime and Manga
  • Bleach:
    • While it hasn't fully developed yet, Ichigo's mother was a Quincy and that his Quincy powers were awakening. This with his Soul Reaper powers from his father and Hollow powers from being a Visored, gives him the powers of all the major groups of the series.
    • Fullbringers are another class of being who are the offspring of a Shinigami and a living person; they have powers over physical matter that no other group possess. Ichigo is one of these too.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Saiyan-human hybrids have far more inherent power than pure members of either race. The effect seems to get stronger with successive generations.
    • This is also the purpose of the Fusion Dance, the resultant character being a compression of the power of the original two, having Power Levels several orders of magnitude higher.
  • InuYasha: the titular half-demon is more powerful for it. Due to his incredibly powerful father he has more power than most demons, and his human side grants him use of the sword forged from his father's fang, which lets him take out any demons his own powers can't take.

Card Games
  • In Tabletop Game/Munchkin, this happens whenever a player uses Half-Breed with a single race card -- he gets bonuses against anyone that race card gives bonuses against, but doesn't take penalties when fighting monsters who have an advantage over that race.

  • Blade, a classic dhampyr has all the strengths of vampires, but none of the weaknesses, barring a much weaker desire for blood which he treats with a serum.
  • Magnus, an alternate son of Magneto and Rogue, has the power of magnetism from his father, and a variation of his mother's deadly touch; in this case skin to skin contact will cause the victim to turn to pure metal.
  • The Witchblade is a living weapon that has been used by females, and some males, over the generations. It was the offspring of the Darkness and Angelus. It has the power to create a blade, fire energy beams, create wings for flight, and can cover the host in body armor, most of the time. It also doesn't have any of its parents' weaknesses; The Darkness can't function in light, while the Angelus can't fight in the dark.

  • Little Nicky, being the offspring of Satan and an angel, can perform both good and evil miracles.

  • Demigods in Percy Jackson and the Olympians are often chosen by the gods to do their work because being half-god and half-mortal, they straddle both worlds and can go places and do things that either mortals or gods cannot.
  • The Silmarillion: The offspring of Beren (a Man) and Lúthien (an Elf with Maiar heredity) have the ability to choose which race they belong to, which determines their ultimate fate.

Live-Action TV
  • On Charmed a common witch power is telekinesis and a common power for Whitelighters is orbing. Paige, Chris, and Wyatt, who are all half-witch/ half-whitelighter, they each combine these powers into orb-telekinesis.
  • In the fourth series finale of the rebooted Doctor Who, the Doctor undergoes a "biological meta-crisis" in which he uses regeneration energy to form a clone which has some of Donna's personality. More importantly, the same process gives Donna the Doctor's mental prowess, which, combined with her "gut instinct" as a human, makes her a hypergenius capable of things even the Doctor would never think to do. Unfortunately, the human-Time Lord meta-crisis proves to be unstable, and would kill her if she didn't have her memory erased.
  • Inverted in Farscape by Scorpius, the offspring of a Sebacean and a Scarran. He inherited both the Scarran bodily trait of massive internal heat generation, and the Sebacean inability to regulate body temperature easily--requiring him to use cooling rods inserted in his head to survive, which created a certain vulnerability. Other than that he was quite Badass however, both physically and mentally.

Video Games
  • Devil May Cry 4
    • Angus wonders why Dante was more powerful then him. While he never gives him a straight, it pretty munch boils down that he has the power of the demons and determination or soul of a human that makes him powerful.
    • Dm C has a better example with that version of Dante who is half demon and angel, and thus has access to weapons with both demonic and angelic power.
  • In Diablo, all humans on the world of Sanctuary are the descendents of the Nephalem, offspring of renegade angels and demons. The Nephalem had power that potentially far outstrips their parent races, and in fear of them the angels tuned the Worldstone to diminish their power, resulting in the mostly ordinary human race.
  • Fire Emblem Awakening provides players with the ability to pair units in marriage, and allows their offspring to inherit their last equipped skill (one from the father and one from their mother) as well as letting their base stats be influenced by the stats of the respective parents at the time the player encounters each kid on the game.
  • In Fire Emblem Tellius the offspring of Beorc and Laguz are known as the Branded (from the marks they have somewhere on their bodies, usually kept hidden) or Parentless. They often have special abilities, but it's generally considered a great stigma, until Radiant Dawn when it turns out the Apostle and Empress of the Begnion Empire is a Branded, the descendant of the Laguz Heron Lehran and the Beorc woman Altina, which enables them to hear the voice of the Goddess Yune. Also, aside from Ike's army, most of those unaffected by Ashera turning the entire population to stone are Branded.
  • In StarCraft, two alien races were uplifted by the Xel'Naga: The protoss, who with their powerful bodies and Psychic Powers, are deemed to have "purity of form", and the Zerg, which with their mutative adaptibility, Hive Mind and resultant singularity of purpose, have "purity of essence". Eventually agents of a renegade Xel'Naga create a hybrid species, which have the strengths of each, supposedly making them the Ultimate Life Form.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles: Half-Homs High Entia, despite their usually smaller head wings and lack of Pointy Ears, are just as long-lived and capable of manipulating ether as their pure-blooded cousins. What really sets them apart is that they are cured of the genetic "curse" that can eventually turn pure High Entia into mindless Telethia.

  • In El Goonish Shive, Uryuoms frequently have several parents adding their genes to an egg, as they don't have typical genders. This ultimately results in a character being a hybrid of four different creatures, conserving many of their powers.

Real Life
  • According to an anecdote told variously about George Bernard Shaw and Isadora Duncan, Shaw and Sandra Bernhardt, Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe, etc., the woman says to the man, "You are the greatest brain in the world and I have the most beautiful body, so we ought to produce the most perfect child." He responds, "What if the child inherits my beauty and your brains?"
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