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No, The Other One!
Mention of one thing X is mistaken for a mention of the other thing X.
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Lisa: Bart! Your mortal enemy is on the radio!
Radio voice: It's time for more dementia with Dr. Demento!
(Bart screams, then throws the radio out the window.)
Lisa: ... I meant your OTHER mortal enemy. Sideshow Bob.
- "Sideshow Bob Roberts," The Simpsons

Do We Have This One?? Oh, and I'm open to title suggestions.

This is for cases where some description X applies to different things, and so, a mention of one is mistaken for a mention of another.

Can often lead to Strange Minds Think Alike or Phrase Catcher if people keep making the same mistake.



  • During Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, confusion as to which "Jones" is being referred to was a Running Gag.
    Donovan: Colonel! Jones is getting away!
    Colonel Vogel: I think not, Herr Donovan... (He has just caught Indy's father, Professor Henry Jones Sr.)
    Donovan: Not that Jones, the other Jones!
    (He points to Indy riding on a horse)
  • In The Emperor's New Groove, Yzma tells Kronk to "pull the lever" and he does... turns out its the "wrong lever."
  • Done as a gag in Airplane!!:
    PA announcement: "Captain Oveur, please pick up the white courtesy phone."
    (Captain Oveur picks up a red phone.)
    PA announcement: "No, the white one."
  • From The Castle:
    Mum: I'd like to make fake flowers.
    Trace: Ohhh! Jenny makes fake flowers.
    Mum: Jenny-Jenny?
    Trace: No, Microwave-Jenny.

Western Animation:
  • This seems to come up frequently in The Simpsons. Another example, besides that in the page quotation, is in "Who Shot Mr. Burns part 1" when Bart says about Burns "look what he did to my best friend!" and everyone looks at Milhouse, only for Bart to say, "no, my dog!"

Real Life:
  • Ellen Degeneres "I'm not Jane Lynch, I'm the other one". It appeared as a clip on the early episodes of Season 8 of Ellen but I don't know what it was.

Unclassified examples:
  • In Holes, at the protagonist's trial he's told to rise and his father and grandfather (who he shares his name with) do the same, forcing the judge to clarify.
  • the whole "Trivializing the War" scene from Monty Python has this, with "the other Basingstoke and the other Southhampton in Westphilia" and "the other "Anything Goes"" (already mentioned) by "the other Cole Porter."
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