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A Stock Phrase delivered if one character has really pissed another character off. He or she may just mean out of the room, but may even mean "Get out of my house" or there may even be an implied "I never want to see you again." (speaking of stock phrases.)

Any attempts to reason with the character who has made this demand will simply get them to restate it, more forcefully and usually shouting, or while on the brink of tears. Oh, and expect a few insults (or possibly items of furniture) to be thrown if the target of the ultimatum is stubborn or has really blown it. Usually a line spoken by a very angry Love Interest, pissed off friends and allies have been known to use it as well.

Also used from time to time by a really pissed off character who is on the defensive and has just put an intruder on the bad side of a beat down. Cue them throwing the opponent out the nearest door, window or off the roof while uttering some form of this, usually followed by "and don't come back!"

A case of a Naked First Impression or other scene where one character walks in on another in a state of undress may trigger this as well. Either that or a Megaton Punch.

Its also an expression of disbelief. Ever heard someone say "No... get out! Thats unbelievable!" or something to that effect?

Occasionally, characters are a bit more polite about it, choosing to deliver the trope as a question. "Will you get OUT of here? Please?" This is not a request, but a demand, and continued refusal to leave will lead to the original stock phrase being used.


Fairy Tales
  • Beauty and the Beast has the Beast screeching this at Belle when she goes into the forbidden west wing of the castle.

  • Used by the T-101 in The Terminator to an oil truck navigator. Repeated in T2: Judgement Day by the T-1000 to a helicopter copilot.
  • The Amityville Horror. Could be the Trope Namer.
  • Sweeney Todd uses this to Anthony, whose very untimely entrance into the shop to inform him of his plan to marry Johanna cost Sweeney his first attempt at revenge on Judge Turpin, immediately before the big "Epiphany" number.

  • In the graphic novel of Artemis Fowl Butler says a variation of this during his Crowning Moment of Awesome when he goes all Brother wolf on a troll. He, after throwing it out a window, says "And don't come back" implying that he said this exact phrase.
  • Many of Wodehouse's bossier characters, like Sir Aylmer Bostock in Uncle Dynamite (whose nephew eventually turns the books on him), Sir Raymond Bastable in Cocktail Time, and Lord Tillbury (in a lot of books) are like that.

Live-Action Television

  • Hustler, "Get Outta Me 'Ouse"
    Out! Out! Get outta me 'ouse!
    You better take yer trenchcoat too.
    No daughter o' mine's goin' out wiv an 'ippie
    Or a scruffy little bleeder like you!
  • "Get Out of My Head (And Into My Car)"

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • The final line of the episode "Fallen Arches" from The Venture Bros. second season. Said by Doctor Venture to the Order of the Triad.

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