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Becoming Inanimate
a person is permanently transformed into a tree or other inanimate objects.
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You get to the end of your great big adventure, and for some reason you turn into a tree or other inanimate object. And that was the goal of your adventure the whole time. And no, you can never change back.

Beware: this is an Ending Trope, so spoilers ahoy.


  • World of Mana examples:
    • In Final Fantasy Adventure, the Mana Tree dies after the battle. The heroine, as the sole surviving member of the Mana Tribe, must stay and become the new tree.
    • In Secret of Mana, you discover that your mother is part of the mana tree, and that that is the fate of all the women in the mana clan.
    • In Seiken Densetsu 3, your fairy friend who accompanied you the entire adventure is actually a seed of the mana tree.
    • Legend of Mana ends with you killing the mana goddess inside the mana tree and then disappearing from the world. No explanation is given, but we can expect you've become a mana tree because it keeps happening in the Mana series.
    • Dawn of Mana: [need context here]
  • In Summoner 2, Maia transforms into the tree of Eleh after defeating the Tempest.
  • In Elfstones of Shannara, the second book of The Sword of Shannara Trilogy, Amberle is transformed into the Ellcrys.
  • In Final Fantasy IV, Palom and Porom is Taken for Granite in order to save the rest of the party.
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