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De-fictionalized Phrase

When a phrase from fiction enters its fandom\'s lexicon.

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Sometimes a phrase from fiction strikes such a chord with it's fanbase that the fanbase begins using the phrase in real life. This isn't for quotes people love to say, but for things that mean roughly the same thing in-universe as out. Although the intent in using the phrase may involve referencing the show, it cannot be the only meaning of the phrase.

Two examples of note are "May the Force be with you" and "Live long and Prosper" from Star Wars and Star Trek respectively. Both are used as friendly parting statements, and therefore are roughly used in the same manner as in the franchises. These examples are particularly interesting because in many fictional works, they are used as calling cards to show a character is nerdy. Really, far more fictional characters say these terms in daily conversation than real people. A variation on the first example is 'The force is strong with ___' or 'The force is not strong with ___' to express like or dislike.

Examples don't need to be so well known that non-fans would get it though. Some fans of Adventure Time will use the terms, "Mathematical!" and "totally Rhombus!" as exclamations.

My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic has "20% cooler" since it is used descriptively on occasion. As in 'This custom toy is 20% cooler than the official toy'. However, a phrase like 'Love and Tolerate' would NOT be this trope, because it is not said in this show.

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