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Newton, Einstein, Gunderson

List of famous people includes someone from the future

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Needs a better title, probably already exists but I can't find it under speculative fiction tropes. Seen It a Million Times.

In a work of speculative fiction set in the future, or featuring someone from the future, someone will rattle off a list of famous people in a particular category. Usually the list follows the Rule of Three. The first two will be people we've heard of, the third will be a name you've never heard. The implication you're supposed to take is that the third name on the list is just as famous as the other two... in the future.

Examples: Babylon5 had a couple in its first few episodes. Star Trek had "The Savage Curtain", which somewhat subverted the trope in that of the four "evil" characters, only Genghis Khan was from Earth history.

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