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Leniency For Perverts
Others don't mind a character being perverted, even if it was intentional.
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Whenever a man lusts after a really beautiful woman you can expect that this has disastrous results, or if a man is accidentally being a pervert, he is never cut any slack. Let's switch things up a bit, though. Whenever a man lusts after a woman, intentional or unintentionall, She lets him off the hook.

Reasons for her easy leniency can be based on the fact that, while the man may be perverted, he would never take it too far. Another reason for this would be that the woman actually likes being adored by men.

Another variant would be is that a character doesn't want anyone, including the guys, to find out he's a pervert, but eventually, they did. Not only did they not condemn him, they actually complimented him for having a fetish for girls. Mainly because, men would believe that were to be a loser or a homosexual if he didn't like sexual activities.

The Accidental Pervert and the Covert Pervert will receive this reaction if they're lucky. The Chivalrous Pervert's antics also often get a pass, because his friends know he wouldn't actually take advantage of anyone.

The polar opposite of Unprovoked Pervert Payback where the man is never a pervert, but still gets punished anyways. Often the reason why the character is a Lovable Sex Maniac. Somewhat Truth in Television, or at least some men expect this response.


Anime & Manga
  • Soul Eater: Tsubaki allows Black Star on peek at her when she's bathing, but only when he doesn't get caught doing so.

Live-Action TV
  • On a few occasions in The Benny Hill Show sometimes the pervert is a Dirty Old Man who is seen as harmless because even though he has the desire, he doesn't have the ability to follow through.
  • Joey from Friends is extremely promiscuous and often dishonest in his sexual behaviour, but the characters rarely call him out on it.

Professional Wrestling
  • WWE: Former diva wrestler Melina used to wear a shirt entitled on the front "It's Okay To Stare", which implies...

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Quagmire and Herbert on Family Guy. Everyone knows Quagmire is a sex pervert and Herbert is a pedophile, but they all seem to ignore it and look the other way.
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