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Structured Reality
Reality TV but with direct executive interference in creating scenes.
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Now far be it for anyone to try to convince the savvy readers of TV Tropes that there is no producer interference in normal Reality TV but there are expected limits. They may use Manipulative Editing, change the rules of the game, suggest ideas to the participants and just plain old lie but overall the point is to set things up at the beginning, and let the ordinary people loose to generate low cost content.

Not so with Structured Reality. As the name suggests, the structure of the show- the scenarios, the camera angles, the plots- are imposed but they have plucked up some people to be in those scenarios and "do the reacting rather than the acting". The typical hallmark of these shows is that they will be shot just like any other program-they will have "shot, reaction shot" during dialogue, have three camera set ups, even portray people waking up together in the morning and other things that are physically impossible unless you agree what was going to happen before hand to set up the shots and can get them to come back to shoot it again.

There are normally three things that confirm that this is meant to be "reality" tv- the producer's presentation method, the pushing of gossip about the participants in celebrity magazines and the terrible acting and diction.

In some localities, this puts the shows in the unique position of having to declare the element of fakeness in the show whereas things which are pure Mockumentary don't.

For some reason, this format of show is most popular with those who want to make a show about people who live in a particular region famed for being looked down on.

I just have a bunch of name:

So basically if you've ever flipped on the TV and seen a person brazenly declaring that there is nothing fake about them/they tell it like it is in a highly distinctive accent while wearing about 5 pounds of making and being filmed from highly intricate camera shots, it's this.
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