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Colorful Trails of Speed
A visible trail behind a fast-moving X
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Whenever something or someone moves at high-speed, especially when flying or running, there is a good chance a path of color behind. Said path may be stylized with sparkles, fire, Battle Aura, stripes etc. for the sake of Rule of Cool.

A form of Motion Blur. Compare Burning Rubber, Speed Stripes and Speed Echoes. When applied to a bullet, see Every Bullet Is a Tracer.


Comic Books
  • Julie Power/Lightspeed of Power Pack leaves a rainbow-colored trail behind her when she flies.

  • In the TRON franchise, light cycles leave a solid wall of light in their wake, as they are used in a game where the goal is to make the other racer(s) crash into the other wall.

Live-Action TV
  • In Automan Automan's superfast car leaves a blue streak behind it.
  • In the Heroes episode "The Second Coming" where Hiro meets his "archnemesis" Daphne, who is a speedster, he stops time. He then follows the motion blur streak which exists In-Universe to where she's stopped - and then she moves! She's moving so fast that even with time standing still she can still move at (what appears as) normal speed.
  • Smallville
    • Metropolis' anonymous hero (Clark) is called "The Red and Blue Blur" (or just "The Blur" for short) because all anyone can see is Clark's trademark red and blue clothing zip by as he's heroing.
    • In the episode where Clark meets the Smallville version of the Flash, they have a race where the Flash looks like a blur to Clark.

Video Games
  • A variant in Elsword: As Eve airdashes, her drones (which aids her on doing so) will emit a blue streak (pink in Awakening Mode).

Western Animation

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