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Elongated Intonation of Evil
The last person you ever want to see taunts you, unseen, in that elongated, mocking voice.
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Can anyone fix the picture?

They're heeeeeeeeeeeeere...

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You thought he was gone, or at the very least you haven't seen him in a while. Then, when you least expect it, you hear him call your name in an elongated, mocking voice, almost like a doorbell. letting you know he's back and looking for you. Or maybe he's mocking you. The words spoken don't HAVE to be a name––just a taunt.

The vocal technique usually involves placing a stress on either the first (or second-to-last) syllable and dragging out the final syllable, much like "DING-dooooooong..." The words "Where aaaaaaare you..." often follow, using the same intonation.

This is not just a trope of Evil People Speak Slowly, however true that may be. This particular intonation and inflection lets the audience know that things are about to go downhill. The speaker is watching, and has something evil up his sleeve.

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  • Dennis the Menace, every time he comes to visit. "Oh Mr. Wiiiilllsoooooonnn!"

  • The Lord of the Rings: In *The Two Towers*, Smeagol's alternate personality returns to haunt him as he's sobbing.
    GOLLUM: Smeeeeaaaaagollll.....


Video Games
  • Half-Life: In Half Life 2: Episode Two, you've just retreived the larval extract from deep within the creatures' nest, and the Vortigons are healing Alex. Suddenly, time stops:
    G-MAN: Doctor Freeemaaaaan...

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