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Bigamy is Funny
Victim is a bigamist. This is funny.
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A common plot on crime and punishment shows. The victim turns out to have been married to several wives without the knowledge of any. Not only does this provide an obvious motive if it is found out it is treated in a comic manner.

I can't remember any gender-reversed examples.

Live-Action TV

  • A joke in Thirty Rock involves having to contact a dead NBC executive's family, as well as their "secret family in Canada".

  • Played for laughs in the Remington Steele episode "Altared Steele" when an amnesiac with five wives (and five identities) turns to Laura for help in learning who is trying to kill him.

  • This is the premise of Goodnight Sweetheart; a comedy with the character Gary Sparrow, who is a time traveller having affairs in two different time periods.

  • In an episode of Quantum Leap Sam leaps into a bigamist. His job is to make both of his wives leave him, which makes both of their lives better. Then in The Stinger just before he leaps out he discovers the man has a third wife.

  • Done in The In the Heat of the Night serial. A bigamist preacher incarcerated in the Sparta Jail dies suddenly, and it's discovered he was poisoned. It turns out he died after eating a plate of poisoned baked goods belonging to another prisoner. It seems the other fellow was only supposed to eat one at a time, so the poisoning would be slow, but the preacher ate the job lot in a single sitting. His own greedy appetite was his downfall.
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