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A robotic version of an existing character which is simultaneously present with the character in question. May be vastly different in terms of abilities and personality but if it's a Robo X or Mecha X (or any other adjective indicative of a robotic nature) where X is the name of the original character, then it fits. The exception is if the original character is a robot, where Robo X would be a brother/sister unit (and a redundant name).

Sometimes this robot may simply be a stand-in for the original with a sinister or mundane justification. In this case, expect a Ridiculously Human Robot and maybe a Robotic Reveal.

The other extreme is when the robotic version is made out (or even made specifically) to be superior or equal to the original (and may see itself as such) because it is robotic. A ridiculously massive and versatile Hyperspace Arsenal normally substitutes for whatever Magic and Powers the original may have. The robot may even be The Ace and succeed in everything that the original cannot do to the extent of winning the former's friends and possessions. In this case the original may have to struggle to eliminate or simply overtake the machine.

Videogames may introduce robotic equivalents of existing characters as jokes or pseudo- shotoclones in order to pad out a roster, but unexpected popularity may bring them back as distinct entities in future installments.

Characters who are themselves brought back as robots after death do not count. Robotic equivalents who coexisted with but survived the originals, however, do. The key point of this trope is interaction between the original and the robot, even if it is simply the original having knowledge of the robot's existence and activities.

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