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Villain Up Close

A villain that tends to be seen in closeup.

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In film, the closeup is a magnifying device. It highlights details, makes small actions seems gigantic, and narrows our focus to one important subject. When that subject is the villain, then their closeup serves to highlight said villainy.

Closeups make a villain scary because we're forced to be closer to an unpleasant character. If he's an ugly villain, we're forced to gaze at all his pores. If he's an intimidating villain then he seems larger and ominous, since for the moment he controls everything on the screen. And if he's often in closeup, then he always seems to be in control.

Compare Gross-Up Close-Up and Nightmare Face.



Video Games
  • The Prophet of Regret in Halo Wars, as seen here. His closeups go for ugliness, especially since Halo Wars's cutscene graphics are more high quality than those of most Halo games. It also emphasizes his role as the Non-Action Big Bad, constrating the Dragon-in-Chief of the game, Ripa 'Moramee, who gets wider shots to emphasize his massive size.
    • The Prophet of Truth, devious schemer that he is, is also seen in lengthy close-ups during Halo 2. Not so the case in Halo 3, though, where he's not seen in person until near the end of the game.
  • The Didact of Halo 4 when seen unmasked, particularly after he's disfigured from an experimental Flood cure used on himself.
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