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Mages (or other superpowered beings) get a big advantage against muggles. Even the most trained fighter can be killed or incapacitated by a single spell. Thus, to deal with mages you need these guys.

A Mage Killer is basically a Badass Normal whose capabilities of dealing with mages are somehow improved. He can resist harmful spells, prevent enemies from using them or reflecting them back to enemies, for example. Anyway, enemies can't possibly defeat him with magic, and as a Badass Normal the Mage Killer has physical advantage over mages with no combat prowess (that is, 95% of mages). His additional ablities may involve detecting magic or tracking its users. Sometimes he may even use magic, but very rarely, and not the usual earthquakes and meteors, but something subtle or affecting only mages. Anyway, a Mage Killer is usually very similar to a Magic Knight, only with anti-magic instead of magic. When they run into Magic Knights, they've got problems.

A rare version is a some sort of a beast who hunts mages, perhaps because it feeds on magical power, perhaps because it's trained that way.

Note that Anti-Magic is a power, and Mage Killer is a character who fights mages and has abilities for that.


  • To Aru Majutsu no Index: Touma has the "Imagine Breaker", both a Power Nullifier and an Anti-Magic, which he uses in one way: fist to face.
  • There are a couple of characters in Fairy Tail who fit this trope to a T. Didn't help them t deal with Natsu, as they chose the worst possible tactics.
  • The Spell Breakers in Warcraft III.
    • Felhunters in Warcraft are demonic beasts that feed on magic and hunt magic users. They are highly resistant to spells and can drain a mages mana and prevent his spellcasting.
    • To a lesser extent, fairy dragons.
  • The templars in Dragon Age who use drugs to deal with magic-users.
  • Jeremiah Gottwald in Code Geass - in the second series, he is given a Geass Canceller, which allows him to cancel a geass active on anyone else, as well as making him immune to all geasses.
  • Baldur's Gate 2 has 'Inquisitor' speciality for Paladins and 'Mage-hunter' speciality for Fighters.
  • Star Wars fans are needed for me to remember. There are beasts made by Yuuzhan Vong to kill Jedi.
  • John Dart in The Candy Shop War has an excellent resistence to magic, a Healing Factor, and is trained in dealing with rogue mages. However, he can't kill anyone, because any damage he does to someone else will also be delt to him.
  • Bartimaeus Trilogy has the Resistance, humans who are born with a varying degree of Resilience to magic and are using their Resilience to slowly overthrow the Magician Government. Except for the Mercenary, whom has the greatest Resilience to the point of being set on fire and being dubbed an Implaccable Man, uses his resilience to make money.
  • Warmachine has the Mage Hunters of Ios, a group of elves specialicing in asassinating enemy magic users. Most of them don't actually have anti-magic powers, but they are highly trained to fight againt mages.
  • Warhammer40000 has blanks, who are humans with a negative warp presence, which disrupts psychic powers and warp-based entities within their vicinity. Daemons and mortal champions of Khorne are often blessed by their patron with resistance or immunity to psychic powers, as Khorne loathes sorcery. Flesh hounds (daemonic beasts of Khorne) always wear collars blessed this way, and Khorne often sends them to hunt for psykers.
  • The Assassin from Diablo 2 is a member of an order designed to hunt down and kill mages.
  • Spy Master Valek in Maria V. Snyder's Ixia and Sitia books.
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition has a few prestige classes suited to this: the Mage Slayer, which gains a lot of damage potential against spellcasters but gets no magical powers of its own, and the Suel Archanamach, which is more like a special policeman who uses his limited Anti-Magic spellcasting power and martial prowess to keep mages in line.
  • Every character in Witch Hunter Robin, with a couple of caveats. Only witches can naturally resist each other's powers, blocking attacks and Geo Effects are perhaps the only shared abilities by all witches other than having a special ability. This is how Robin and Karasuma fight other witches. The rest of the human cast has to make do with wearing vials of Orbo and using bullets filled with the stuff, which naturally cancels witch powers and weakens them on contact.
    • In season 2, when the enhanced Orbo suit witch hunters hit the scene we find out that using living witches as Human Resources to make the stuff has very detrimental effects on the humans using the stuff.
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