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(YMMV)An idea that was considered lame is reinterpreted with more success (cooler)
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Redirect The Same But Cooler.

Don't worry You Are Not Alone!

So there happens to be an idea or a concept that isn't very popular or is considered of bad quality. In fact it may have been bad received or it may have had a very specific and/or small fan-base.Most people outside this limited fanbase either don't care for this concept or simply would have avoided it because they consider it of bad quality.

Then that very same idea is reinterpreted with more succes. Maybe the author accepted the initial criticism or a new author wants improve and rework this concept to make it cooler and more appealing. Thanks to this the quality of this idea is improved so much that this concept gains a lot of new appeal and critical approval it never had before.Even gaining more fans than it's unital Target Audience.New fans that wouldn't have cared of the initial concept otherwise.

Difffers from Retool in the objetive. While a Re Tool seeks to change anything including the essence of the work and even differing from the initial concep in order to be more appealingt. This Sub Trtrope is only about different interpretations of the initial idea, that seek to expand without channging the essence of the work.Therefore In Name Only examples wouldn't apply here.



  • (YMMV) while a cult classic, many think Neon Genesis Evangelion could be slow at times, the comes Rebuild of evangelion, shortening the series, upgraded graphics, extra character, an Reimainatig the angels design and Habilities (I'M LOOKING AT YOU RAMIEL!!!)


  • Before The Iron Man films and dwoney jr. Besides comic book fans few people actually cared for him as a character. Now thanks to the films he has gained popularity comparable to spiderman even becoming a predominant part of marvel's mainstream appeal

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