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Adjustable Censorship
The option to adjust the amount of mature content in a work.
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Adjustable Censorship is when you are given the option of turning mature content (usually violence, swearing, or sexual content) on or off. This usually happens in Video Games, but other media, such as DVDs and websites, occasionally have such options. You may have an "On/Off" toggle or a slider that goes from "Bloodless Carnage" to "High-Pressure Blood" to "Gorn".

In some older games, back when adult content was much less acceptable in video games, the mature content was deactivated by default and had to be re-activated through a cheat code in order to hide it from the censors, making this a possible way of Getting Crap Past the Radar. The ESRB or other similar organisations will generally rate a game assuming all mature content is set to its highest level.


Action Game
  • In Alien Hominid, there is a "Gore" option in the options screen. Turning it off will replace all blood with flowers.
  • Assassin's Creed II and up have an option to turn off blood.

Adventure Game
  • The Infocom game Leather Goddesses Of Phobos can be adjusted from "tame" to "lewd."
  • In the first Leisure Suit Larry game, you could turn adult content on only if you correctly answered questions that were theoretically answerable by people old enough to view the content (or, these days, able to access Google).

Fighting Game

First-Person Shooter

Puzzle Game
  • Version 1.0 of Boppin' featured the option to turn off the characters' suicide animations. Version 1.1 is a self-proclaimed "politically corrected version" that replaced the Accursed Toys screen (which depicted a bloodied teddy bear impaled by a knife), but the censorship can be disabled with a command line option.

Real-Time Strategy

Role-Playing Game
  • Neverwinter Nights has a gore slider in the game options. The max setting frequently results in enemies outright exploding. Zombies are particularly prone to this when hit with a cleric's or paladin's Turn Undead.
  • The American release of The Witcher censored the copious nudity present in the original European version. CD Projekt Red released a Director's Cut patch that restores it.
  • Fallout 1 & Fallout 2 both have options to tone down the swearing and gore used. Of course, this being Fallout, there's a special trait called "Bloody Mess" that lets you turn up the gore as well.

Survival Horror
  • In the first three installments of Silent Hill, an expanded options menu is accessible by pressing L1, L2, R1 and R2 at the game's regular options screen. This menu always includes an option to change the color of blood in the game from red to green, violet or black. This is probably more for fun than for censorship though, as no one tells the player about said hidden options menu and that the blood is red by default.

Third-Person Shooter
  • Bulletstorm has an option for alternate, slightly less profane dialogue.
  • The first Max Payne allowed the player to disable blood and all graphic novel sequences in the game.

Visual Novel

Non video game examples:

Web Original
  • A lot of websites allowing users to upload content, such as DeviantArt, feature an adjustable content filter.

  • Some DVDs of Family Guy have the option to turn off the censoring.
  • In Utah, a service called Clear Play allows the viewer to select a level of violence, sexuality, etc. and watch compatible DVDs with the selected elements stripped out. This is done through the same methods used to make movies "family-friendly" on network television: mute, filters, and even complete elimination of some scenes.
  • Eddie Izzard DVDs always have an option for bleeped audio, since his acts are mostly family-friendly except for the copious swearing.
  • Lee Mack's Going Out stand-up DVD has an option to switch off the bad language.

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