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Most Definitely Not A Bigot

Someone goes out of his way to show he's not a bigot.

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Nowadays, blatant bigotry against any race, gender, sex, religion, or sexual orientation is frowned upon. As a result, some people go out of their way to flaunt their tolerance. This can involve unprovoked mentions of Some of My Best Friends Are X or the inappropriate use of another culture's art or clothing. They will often have or actively seek out a Token Minority friend, not realizing that this sort of behavior is itself offensive.

This trope comes in three basic flavors.
  • A person is bigoted but hides it because it is socially unacceptable.
  • A person is not bigoted but expresses it inappropriately.
  • A person tries not to be bigoted but cannot fully overcome subconscious bigotry, usually taught to him by his parents or culture.

This trope is sometimes, but not always, a character's reaction to Mistaken for Racist. If a character invokes this trope without being Mistaken For Racist, he might ironically raise suspicions that he is racist.

  • This video from The Onion.
  • Stephen Colbert (the character) frequently brings up his Token Minority friends, always referring to them by their minority group name rather than their actual name. He has his Black Friend, his Sikh Friend, his Jewish Friend, etc. Also, one of his catchphrases is "I don't see race."
  • Brian Griffin from Family Guy is known to bark at black people and apologize immediately afterwards.

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