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Carcass Sleeping Bag
Using the body of an animal for shelter in a survival situation
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Explorer Bob is lost in the Alaskan wilderness. He knows he's not far from shelter, but there's a snowstorm blowing up and it will soon be too dark to see. His packmule is shivering and clearly on its last legs. He has no immediate shelter, no way to make a fire... and he realizes that there is only one possible course of action.

He shoots poor Alice the mule, cuts open her abdomen, and crawls into her body cavity, hoping the heat and shelter she offers will be enough to get him through the night... or at least, until he can be rescued.


  • The one everyone remembers, from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, when Han keeps Luke from freezing to death on Hoth by hiding him in the body of his tauntaun.
  • In Jane Yolan's Pit Dragon Chronicles, Jakkin and Akki survive the brutal Austorian night by sheltering in the recently-slain body of his beloved dragon.
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