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Comedic Suicide Pill

Probably should have seen that coming.

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An item/weapon that when used has more negative repercussions than actual positive effects, more often than not directly resulting in its user's untimely and often hilarious demise.
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    Tabletop Games
    • Paranoia. In early editions the Troubleshooters were required to go to R&D at the start of each mission to pick up experimental devices/weapons. Almost all of the items were designed to be defective in entertaining ways, leading to anything from inconvenience to certain death for the unfortunate user (and possibly their fellow Troubleshooters as well).
    • Dungeons And Dragons.
      • In early editions a small percentage of magic items the PCs found were cursed or otherwise dangerous to the PC trying it out. These included wands that backfired on the user, cursed scrolls that could do just about anything bad to the party (and often did), and a plethora of miscellaneous items designed specifically to mess the PCs over for the Dungeon Master's amusement.
      • A number of spells were almost as dangerous to the PC using it (and their party) as to the enemy.
        • The Fireball spell created 33,000 cubic feet of fire, which would spread out to fill the available area. If cast underground in a limited space, a Fireball could easily cook the party of the wizard casting it.
        • When a Wish spell was used the rules specifically encouraged the Dungeon Master to twist the wording of the spell to screw over the user.