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Like regular wheelies, but on the side!
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Want to show off a sweet stunt in your car?

Known as skiing, this maneuver is like a wheelie except instead of balancing on two front or rear wheels, the motor vehicle balances on all the wheels on either the driver's side or passenger's side. Skiing may be assisted with a ramp or by letting some air out of the ground tires. The driver will often be forced to drive in a straight line due to having to balance the car by steering.

It can be used to cruise through tight spots or just show how skilled the driver is. The higher the risk of turning over is, the better. Bonus points for pulling off the maneuver in a cumbersome vehicle like a truck.

Because Reality Is Unrealistic, the average audience may not know that this is an actual maneuver and dismiss it as Hollywood physics.


Anime and Manga
  • The anime adaptation of High School Of The Dead has the group escaping the overrun mansion in the Humvee. To get past the barricades, the Humvee leans at such a ridiculous angle that it should have completely turned over instead.

  • The Charlie's Angels movie shows a flashback in which Natalie pulls one off during her driving exam.
  • In Diamonds Are Forever, while being pursued by Las Vegas police Bond uses a ramp to put his car up on two wheels to fit through an alley that would normally be too narrow. The police car following him also tries it but flips over on its roof instead.
  • The climactic chase in Licence to Kill has Bond commandeering a tanker truck and somehow managing to dodge a Stinger missile with this maneuver.
  • Live Free or Die Hard has McClane pull one off on the crumbling freeway with the assistance of a misguided pilot and missiles.
  • In the live action Transformers movie, Bumblebee does this to scan and transform into the 2009 version of the Camaro.
  • Frank of The Transporter 3 skis between two semi trucks during an escape sequence.
  • D.A.R.Y.L. does this when driving through heavy traffic.

Live-Action TV
  • KITT has a dashboard function called "Ski Mode" that allows him to do this maneuver.
  • Done regularly on The Dukes of Hazzard. One time a film crew was in town and happened to see them doing it, and hired them to do it on film.

Video Games
  • One of Q's gadgets in Nightfire, the Q Wedge, allows Bond to tilt the Vanquish on its side and skid past two blockade cars, earning the player a "Bond Moment".
  • Star Fox 64 introduced the Landmaster, a tank vehicle. The player can pull off this maneuver using either one of the Landmaster's jets.
  • This is one of the more difficult stunts you can pull on Stuntman.

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