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Supernatural Gold Eyes

Gold eyes represent the supernatural and otherworldly.

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As per this TRS thread,the eye color tropes are being split into subtropes. This is just one of the tropes being split off of Gold Eyes. So, I'm also snagging some examples from that page.
In fiction having gold eyes is often a symbol of supernatural origin or powers. They are also associated with shape shifters such as genies and witches as a sign of their identity if they shapeshift. Gold eyes are harder to distinguish from "normal" colored-eyes, and hence can add more of an element of surprise if The Reveal shows a character to be something other than what they initially appear to be. They're also sometimes indicative of having a Superpowered Evil Side.

Anime & Manga
  • Chrno/Chrono in Chrono Crusade has golden eyes while in his demon form, although, when he's in his more common, human-like form, they're red. He's not evil, but obviously supernatural, and does have a bad temper when provoked.
  • In Claymore, the titular "Silver-Eyed Witches" have them change color (and form Hellish Pupils) when they release a certain amount of their power. On occasion, a Claymore who's really pushing it will combine this with iris-only Glowing Eyes of Doom.
    • Likewise, the demons they hunt (and have been implanted with) always have golden eyes.
  • Morgan Le Fay, the shape shifting fairy from the Ah! My Goddess movie, is shown with golden eyes.
  • Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo!, tying into the demonic/supernatural aspect of her character. Her name is even stated to mean "spirit caller" at one point. She's even earned the Fan Nickname "Ol' Yellow Eyes" in some circles.

  • Gold-Eye in the Garth Nix story Shade's Children. He has the ability to foresee and predict near-future events.
  • In Tamsin by Peter S. Beagle the Pooka is a shapeshifter who can always be identified by his slanted yellow eyes.
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