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Stories set in school, revolving around a club. Most of the main cast will be members of the club, while the story chronicles their daily lives and club activities. Common in Japanese Media and weekly TV shows.


Anime & Manga [[index]]
  • Cosplay Complex is about East Oizumi Academy's quirky cosplay club.
  • Ebiten is about a boy who accidentally joins an otaku club for girls after thinking it was the astronomy club due to a spelling mistake
  • Genshiken revolves around The Society for the Study of the Modern Visual Culture, a club for otaku created by a group of college students.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya revolves around a girl creating her after school club called the SOS Brigade, which tries to discover anything supernatural.
  • Hikaru no Go largely focuses on the Go Club that Hikaru joins.
  • Hitohira focuses on two rival clubs, the Drama Club and the Drama Research Society. The school the clubs are in is uncomfortable with overlap, and the two must compete to stay official.
  • K-On! - it's about the Sakuragaoka High School Light Music Club.
  • Moon Boy - revolves around an earth rabbit girl joining a club to fight evil foxes.
  • Ouran High School Host Club - the school's "Host Club" β a group of idle rich boys who entertain female clients.
  • Saki and it's spinoff SakiAchiga-hen revolves around a Mahjong club.
  • Sasami Magical Girls Club is about a girl who joins a cooking club which is actually a front for a Magical Girls club.
  • Sket Dance is about the Student Support Group, or more commonly known as the Sket-Dan, and their hilarious interactions with their weird clients.
  • Sketchbook is about an art club.
  • Sora No Manimani focuses on an astronomy club.
  • Yuru-Yuri is about a group of girls forming a Amusement club after the Tea Ceremony club disbands.

  • High School Musical revolves around the musical Drama Club and how it comes to include characters from the Science Club and the basketball team, altering the school's status quo.

Live-Action TV
  • Black Hole Highis about the five members of the Science Club.
  • Glee revolves around the school's Glee Club where they sing and dance to pop songs.
  • Community focuses on a community college study group.

Web Comics
  • Paranatural - focuses on the (Paranatural) Activity Club, with bonus antagonism from members of the Journalism Club.

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