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A throne made of unusual materials.
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A throne is a symbol of wealth and power, like anything else used by royalty. If you want to make an extra special point about what kind of ruler you are or what your kingdom is like, one way to do it is to make your throne out of some kind of notable material that shows everyone what you're made of by showing them what you sit on. Does your land have great and coveted natural resources? Sit on a piece of it. Do you have countless beautiful slaves? Sit on a few of them. Are you a conqueror of many kingdoms? Sit on a throne made of your enemies' weapons, or worse.

See Cool Chair for non-royal versions of this trope.


Comic Books
  • Thor: Vikings. When the Big Bad Harald Jaekelsson sets up shop at the top of the Empire State Building, he uses a throne made of bone.

Fan Fiction
  • Shinji And Warhammer 40 K: As befits the whole "Shinji steadily and unwillingly becoming an Expy of the God Emperor of Mankind" motif, those who follow him give him a throne made of the skull of the Third Angel (it's the page's picture, even). Those who made the thing kind of forgot to check if the Angel wasn't Not Quite Dead, though...
  • In the D&D/Harry Potter fanfic "Harry Potter And The Natural 20", the D&D wizard Milo looked into the Mirror of Erised and saw himself with power to dwarf the gods, on a throne composed of epic artifacts.


Game Shows
  • The TBS game show King Of The Nerds has the winner sit on the Throne of Games, a parody of the HBO series Game of Thrones (and of the titular throne in that series). The throne is made up of various game components.

  • In Heralds of Valdemar, the throne of the Eastern Empire was made from the personal weapons of many, many, lesser rulers conquered by the Empire.
  • The Iron Throne in A Song of Ice and Fire doesn't sound all that unusual until you learn that it's made out of swords, lightly blunted and forged into a chair. Yes, it's uncomfortable; that's the point.
  • A statue in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows showed a wizard and a witch sitting on thrones made of muggle bones. Though, frankly, I don't see how anyone could tell the difference between a muggle's bones and a wizard's bones.
  • In The Wheel of Time, the Forsaken Graendal is fond of decorations showing contorted in acts of carnal acrobatics. She is especially fond of a chair carved entirely with such figures.
  • Frank Herbert's Dune series.
    • In the first novel the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV has a throne made out of Hagal quartz ("blue-green translucency shot through with streaks of yellow fire").
    • In the 2nd novel Dune Messiah Emperor Paul Atriedes uses a throne made out of Hagar emerald. "Hagar" was probably Herbert misremembering "Hagal", and "emerald" could have been derived from "blue green quartz". In other words, this may have been the same throne Shaddam IV used.
  • There's also Tad Williams's series The Dragonbone Throne which has, fittingly, a throne made out of dragon bones.
  • In the Warrior Cats series, when Tigerstar declares himself leader of both RiverClan and ShadowClan, he has his cats build him the "Bonehill" - a pile of prey bones to sit on so that when he's up there he can look down on everyone else.
  • The Ruby Throne of Melnibone from The Elric Saga, which true to its name is carved from a single massive ruby.
  • Discworld gives us... guess what?... oh yes, a subversion. The Golden Throne of Ankh-Morpork appears to be made of gold, but in fact it's just painted wood, and rotten wood to boot (that's why no one tries to sit on it anymore, it'll collapse).
  • The Big Bad of Deathworld 2 has a throne made from rocket-burned recoilless rifles, acquired when he drove off a previous expedition to the planet.
  • In Journey to the West , the goddess Guanyin makes a throne out of swords and later halbeards to imprison the Red Boy.

Real Life
  • According to the Omnicidal Maniac page, Zhang Xianzhong had a throne made of the severed ears and feet of his enemies.

Tabletop Games
  • TSR's board game Divine Right. A Minarian Legends column in Dragon magazine #50 had a picture of the Goblin king Ockwig's throne, which was made of the horns of mountain goats.

Video Games
  • Artifact thrones in Dwarf Fortress can potentially be made out of anything, from bone to turtle shell to solid diamond.
  • Emperors of the Third Imperium in Traveller sit on an Iridium Throne.

Western Animation

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