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Busy Beaver
The depiction of beavers in media.
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Beavers, they are the one animal in the world whose diet mainly consists of wood and the bark of trees. Because of this, they use their powerful teeth to gnaw on trees, which eventually causes the tree to fall over.

In media, it appears that beavers are often depicted as Workaholics who will stop at nothing to complete the task offered to them.

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Film - Animated
  • The titular characters of Lady and the Tramp visit a zoo where they enlist the help of a friendly yet gullible beaver to remove a muzzle from Lady.

  • Beaver from the Franklin books and TV series is one of Franklin's best friends.

Western Animation
  • Dagget and Norbert of The Angry Beavers are a pair of beaver brothers who live together by theirselves.

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