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What Beautiful Hair
Where a character has such beautiful hair
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"Your hair... Grow it long again... you have very beautiful black hair, you mustn't let the war get the better of you, okay?
Anita, D.Gray-Man

This is where a character has such "beautiful" hair. This hair is one of their main defining characteristics, and many people become enamored with it because of it and some people commenting on it. Maybe their hair is an unusual color, or perhaps it's very long. Or possibly, their hair, even much shorter or messier, it's still considered gorgeous, mostly because of its color or being soft and/or silky, if not messy or spiked. This hair symbolizes the beauty of the character. Occasionally, the character themselves will hate their own hair because it makes them "different." The character can be ethier male or female.

Contrast and compare What Beautiful Eyes, where the character has gorgeous eyes. See also Raven Hair, Ivory Skin.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Orihime Inoue from Bleach has beautiful long orange hair. In her backstory, her late brother, Sora used to compliment on it because of its color. He became upset when it was whacked off by her classmates back in junior high school. However, when she befriended Tatsuki, she grew her hair out again and vowed she'll never cut it short again as her long hair is a symbol of their friendship.
  • Lenalee from D.Gray-Man has beautiful long dark hair, which was later burned off after fighting a Level 3 Akuma, even her brother, Komui, cried over the loss of her hair when she and the other exorsists came home. Luckily, Anita told her to grow it back because it was beautiful, which Lenalee is doing.
  • Superbia Squalo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! according to Lussuria, who comments how long and beautiful is his hair that breaks his heart everytime he sees it, in one of the Haru's Interview omake. Even Squalo is annoyed of Lussuria messing around his hair.
  • Ryou Shishido from The Prince of Tennis, before he cut it off.

    Fan Works 

  • Rapunzel in Tangled has bright golden hair that also has healing abilities.

  • Rapunzel. Sure, her main claim to fame is that its really long, but that doesn't mean that its not considered beautiful.
  • In Johnny Tremain, Cilla's sickly little sister is noted for having angelic golden hair.

    Live Action TV 
  • Cece in New Girl
    Schmitt: I want to put it in a bowl and eat it.
  • Ruth Fisher in Six Feet Under, as noted by several Love Interests, hair dressers (occasionally these two overlap...) and employees of Fisher&Sons
  • Kaylee in Firefly, according to Inara, to whom this trope applies even more.

  • This is the whole raison d'etre behind American Greetings Corporation's Lady Lovely Locks and friends.

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 

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