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Robots Are Here To Take Your Jobs

Robots replacing people in their positions

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I am a robot! I run on American jobs! Beep boop!
The Soldier (in disguise), Team Fortress 2

Robots are as skilled as you can make them, do not need food, sleep or (usually) pay. Therefore, it makes plausible sense that in universes where Do-Anything Robot appliances are widely available that they could replace regular people in their jobs. However, this may prompt a strain of Fantastic Racism.

This can also occur with travelling heroic parties - Bob is snubbed in favour of Data, because Data is far more resilient, intelligent and skilled, as well as the fact that Data can be rebuilt and Bob can't. Unfortunately, if the enemy has a go at Hack Your Enemy then the party is in trouble (and Bob is very smug).

Up for Grabs. Also, if anyone can find a quote that illustrates the idea better then feel free to replace the placeholder.



[[folder: Film]]
  • In the film adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie's father was made redundant when the company he worked for got a robot that could do his job instead.

[[folder: Web Original]]
  • In Season 9 of the machinima series Red vs. Blue, a sub-plot revolves around Simmons' distress that the new robot Lopez will replace him as 'the smart one that's not good with emotions' on the team.
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